Let’s discover together the exceptional qualities of Soaptec’s soap making plants

Soaptec soap making plants are the best in the industry

For the design and creation of soap making plants there is only one company to which we suggest you turn: the Italian Soaptec. This interesting company from Lombardy has been active since 2003 and has managed to establish itself in one of the most competitive sectors in the world thanks to its cutting-edge products and a team of great professionals. 

It is not surprising that today it is possible to find soap production plants made with Soaptec machinery on every continent. To be respected internationally on such a large scale is certainly a great satisfaction for our team and a great incentive to always do our best. 

In fact, in our first twenty years of business, we have worked tirelessly to provide our customers with only the latest generation of soap making plants, i.e. capable of sustaining rapid production rates without wasting energy and raw materials. Another fundamental characteristic shared by all of our projects is the attention we pay to safety, a plus that our customers – and their employees – always appreciate.

Why rely on Soaptec for the realisation of soap making plants

If you tried to ask people working in this sector for their opinion about Soaptec‘s soap making plants, you would only get more than positive opinions, we are sure. And the same would be true if you asked the opinions of the many customers around the globe who have already decided to rely on us and our expertise to supply their factories. 

The reason for this unanimous consensus on the quality of our work lies, above all, in the seriousness with which we approach each project, from the largest to the smallest. The results are innovative, high-performance soap production plants in which the workers can carry out their work safely and at ease. 

The feature that our customers appreciate the most, however, is our ability to develop soap making plants that are tailor-made for them. Every factory has different needs, so the Soaptec team offers 100% customised solutions that can improve the performance of the company considerably. 

It is not only our machinery that can be customised – built to your specifications at our plant in the province of Varese – but also the services we offer. The world of soap making plants is very complex, although many might think that a company like Soaptec only deals with design and construction. 

In fact, our experienced staff are always available to install our equipment at their premises, wherever they are in the world. In addition, we take care of the maintenance of soap production plants of all kinds and in particular offer to help you modernise your factories through targeted interventions. 

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