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Stampers for bar soap finishing lines



Product stamping is an essential step for all soap manufacturers. This simple operation, in fact, allows to shape the soap bars and give them the desired form.
To meet the different needs of soap producers all over the world, Soaptec produces two types of machines for soap stamping: multi flash stampers and Hexa stampers. These machines can be adapted to the requirements of each client thanks to the customisation and design service offered by our company.
Thanks to a touch screen control system, from which any task can be managed, the use of the machines and their functionality is very intuitive.
Upon request, Soaptec provides a remote for the remote control of the stampers.
All machine components are manufactured by leading mechanical and electronic companies to ensure that the overall product is of the highest quality possible.
To improve the safety and user experience of the stampers, the machines can be configured for either left or right-handed operation, depending on the operator’s needs. The complete transmission of the machine is located on the side of the frame to allow full access for maintenance.

Multi flash stampers


Soaptec multi flash stampers are the latest generation of vertical stamping machines.
The machines are built on a robust welded carbon steel frame, which provides structural rigidity and ensures alignment of subsystems. Thanks to the cam group, which turns the die by 60°, and to the suction pad handling systems of the incoming product, the stamper works in a fast and precise way, always guaranteeing impeccable results.
The shaped bars of soap leave the machine through a conveyor belt and are deposited for packaging.

Hexa stampers


The HEXA soap stampers are the ideal choice for all those factories that need high performance machines, able to create soap bars with particular, rectangular or cubic shapes. One of the main features of the HEXA stamper is its ability to imprint the logo or any engraving on all 6 sides of the soap.
The stamping system of the HEXA Series machines consists of a housing and 6 moving dies: an upper die, a lower die and four side ones. A good shaped soap is the sum of a correct sequence of actions carried out by these elements. During stamping, the four lateral dies move initially, then the upper die deforms the soap which fills the free cavities and creates the right shape.
HEXA stampers use a new generation of dies, designed to reduce all deformations during their mechanical action.
The loading of the soap bars into the machine is managed by a cam and a pneumatic actuator controlled by a software.
The shaped bars of soap are moved by pneumatic grippers. Stamping does not involve the production of scrap material.
The extractor is equipped with a graduated scale that simplifies adjustment of the product stroke. The lateral dies can also be replaced with an existing set of dies.