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Cylinder coolers for bar soap drying plants

Cylinder coolers represent an economical solution to cool and solidify liquid soap, an essential step in completing the soap making process. Employing them allows the liquid soap, which at this stage has a temperature between 80-90°C, to be brought down to 38-40°C in order to form flakes.
The soap obtained through this process is of higher quality than that obtained through the classic method, as this technique allows a uniform solidification of the material and prevents the formation of too dry specs.
Soaptec designs and manufactures cylinder coolers for customised bar soap production plants. Our team is available to customers to create custom solutions compatible with both newly built plants and machines installed in already established ones. Our team also performs on-site assembly and commissioning operations worldwide.

How Soaptec’s cylinder coolers work


Soaptec’s cylinder coolers are machines composed of two counter-rotating refrigerated cylinders of equal diameter, supported by an external frame. The liquid soap obtained from saponification comes into contact with the cylinders by means of a stainless steel hopper.
Cold water is used to ensure that the temperature of the soap is evenly lowered and passes through a spiral pattern running along the entire surface of the cylinders. The pressurised coolant is pumped into the circuit through a rotating coupling. The temperature can be controlled by modulating valves.
The cooled soap is reduced to flakes by two scraper blades with adjustable pressure. The flakes fall onto a conveyor belt that feeds the duplex vacuum plodder.

Characteristics and technical specifications

Soaptec’s cylinder coolers are the result of years of research by the team of technicians and engineers working with our company and represent the best the market has to offer in terms of quality and technology. The machines are developed according to the most common standards in force (ASME, Div. VIII, Sec. 1 and UNI) and can be certified upon request. In addition, all products are tested before being sold and installed.
The team has paid a lot of attention to the choice of materials and equipment combined with the coolers, and the clients’ positive reaction after trying them out confirms the quality of the final design.
The cylinders, fundamental elements of the machinery, are made of AISI 304 stainless steel, dynamically balanced, with a cavity and coil for cooling. We always carry out a 2-hour hydraulic test at 4 bar on the internal surface of the cylinders to check for tightness and resistance.
The two scrapers are made of formica and are mounted on a stainless steel spring loaded blade support. The pressure of the scraper blade can be adjusted.
The touch screen of the cylinder cooler is integrated in the general control panel, which is mounted on the machine. The rotation speed of the two cylinders can be varied by means of an inverter.
The opposite rotation of the two cylinders is controlled by two “Rossi” gearmotors provided with verified load capacity according to UNI, DIN, AFNOR, AGMA, and ISO standards.