producer of soap plants


Leader in the soap making plant production industry since 2003

Founded in 2003, Soaptec is an Italian company specialised in the design and manufacture of equipment for the production of soap and detergent. The company’s many years in the business are nothing compared to the forty decades’ worth of experience gained in the field by our engineers and technicians.

In-depth knowledge of materials and machinery, commitment, and a high degree of innovation are the solid foundations on which Soaptec is built, and these same elements have helped to make our company one of the world’s leading companies in the industry.

Over the years, our company has grown, both in the number of people we collaborate with and in our investment in research and development. All this allows us to create value for money, highly customised products and a wide range of pre- and after-sales services.

soaptec is:


Total focus on customer satisfaction


Transparent business relationships


In-depth understanding of customers’ needs


Experienced and qualified staff


Innovative, high-performance products at competitive prices


On-time delivery of orders

Our mission

Soaptec’s main goal has always been developing products that fully satisfy the customer’s needs. Knowing that every company has different needs that cannot be satisfied with standard equipment and machinery, our company is committed to establishing close collaborations with each customer in order to better understand their needs and design plants that are fully in line with them and cost effective.

In addition to providing products with a high degree of customization, Soaptec’s goal is also to create innovative soap making machines equipped with state-of-the-art technologies that guarantee excellent and up-to-date performance even after many years of use.

Soaptec’s quality

The quality of Soaptec’s soap and detergent production plants and machinery is a result of the efforts of our team of technicians and engineers and the commitment with which the entire staff works every day to design and manufacture our equipment. As a company, we are very familiar with the application areas of our products and we put our heart and soul into providing pieces of machinery that will perform flawlessly in any environment, even the most challenging ones.
Quality is a key term for us at Soaptec in all steps of our work. The strict control measures followed by the team during the different activities and the choice of the best materials and technologies available allow us to create and sell machinery in line with the most severe national and international standards.