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Pilot finishing line for small-scale productions



Before proceeding with large-scale production, soap making factories carry out tests to allow companies to select the best combination of raw materials, additives, dyes and fragrances. In order to create these samples, soap factories need special machines capable of performing the same processing as industrial plants and finishing lines but in very small quantities.
For this job, Soaptec has created the Pilot Line. In addition to meeting the needs of pre-production analysis and quality control, Soaptec’s Pilot Line is also the perfect solution for manufacturers creating bath soap weighing up to 80 grams.

Our company has prepared two Pilot Line series of machines: the Pilot, used to produce soap bars with reduced weights, and the Laboratory, ideal for creating samples.

The Pilot Line consists of all the essential machines for the bar soap production process. To ensure maximum functionality, the machines are operated separately and all the main parameters, such as temperature and pressure, are managed individually through a single control panel. The equipment, manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel, is mounted on a common workbench.

Machines of the Pilot Line —

Open-Sigma Blade Mixer —

This mixer has a maximum load capacity of 10 kg. Alternatively, in the Laboratory Line it can be replaced by a mixer with a maximum loading capacity of 5 kg. At the end of each processing cycle the mixer is tipped over by means of a manual system that allows the operator to unload the semi-finished product very easily. The maximum power of the installed motor is 0.55 kW.

Roll Mill—

The 3 Roll Mill creates soap flakes of varying thickness. The soap is removed from the rolls by a flacker knife. The rolls are cooled by a water system, which also controls the temperature of the soap on entry and exit. To increase the homogeneity of the soap, it is also possible to pass the soap through the Roll Mill more than once. The maximum power of the installed motor is 1.1 kW.

Duplex Vacuum Plodder —

Soaptec offers a single screw Duplex Vacuum Drawer. The machine can be replaced by a single screw Simplex Refiner Plodder from the Laboratory Line. The extruder is equipped with both a drilled plate and a conical head for the production of pellets and soap bars respectively. The extrusion speed is regulated by a frequency inverter and the temperature of the extrusion cone can be managed and monitored by means of a control panel. The maximum motor power is 1.5 kW.

Manual Blade Cutter —

The Manual Blade Cutter makes it possible to divide the continuous bar of soap coming from the extruder into bars. The use of the machine is simplified by the presence of a graduated scale.

Semi-automatic Hydraulic Press —

To shape soap bars, Soaptec offers the SP1000P semi-automatic hydraulic press, which can work on bars of any size. The machine is equipped with a set of dies, an upper and lower one, inserts to imprint the soap logo and, if necessary, an ejector, which can be moved independently.
The procedure for changing the dies is quick and easy to perform. The motor power is 0.75 kW.

Accessory for quality control —

On request, the Pilot Lines can be provided with a set of state-of-the-art instruments to control the quality of the finished product, and equipment for the constant monitoring of the most important parameters.