Produttore di impianti di sapone


Duplex vacuum plodder for finishing lines: structure and functioning


Once the soap has been processed by refiners and roll mills, which modify its chemical structure and improve its overall quality, only then it is ready to be extruded. This task is delegated to vacuum duplex plodders.

Soaptec has designed its own selection of vacuum duplex plodders, special extruders composed of two plodders mounted in tandem that allow to obtain extruded bars of soap, compact and pliant ready to be cut and shaped.

Generally, the machine has a linear arrangement, but at the customer’s request it is possible to create a machine with an L-shaped layout. This is just one of the many customisations that our company offers to clients, who can count on a personalised design service for all the equipment that makes up the finishing line.

The preliminary stage is equipped with a drilled plate, pelletising knives, and a refining screen. During the passage through this machine, the pellets or soap flakes – depending on whether they come from a refiner or a roll mill – are compacted and extruded back into pellet form.

 Then, the semi-finished product goes through the vacuum chamber connecting the two plodders; here the air is extracted from the soap. The level switch inside the vacuum chamber ensures that the second extruder always receives the right amount of pellets. Once the product reaches the final stage, the soap is extruded in a continuous bar through a conical head that aids compression.

The vacuum chambers and conical heads of the Duplex Vacuum Plodder are heated by means of electrical components immersed in diathermic oil.

In contrast, the cylinders of the refiners are constructed with a jacket in which cold water circulates.
The temperature in both cases can be regulated by a temperature control system.

Characteristics and technical specifications

Soaptec offers two models of Duplex Vacuum Plodders: the first is provided with a single worm, whereas the second with twin tangential ones.

The length/diameter ratio of the cylinder is 4. All machines are manufactured in accordance with UNI, DIN, AFNOR, AGMA, and ISO standards.

In order to manufacture sturdy, reliable, and safe machines, all of their parts that are in contact with the soap are made of AISI 304 stainless steel. The rest of their elements are made of coated carbon steel. The screws, on the other hand, are made of aluminium alloy G Alsi9, then polished and finished mechanically. On request, they can be produced in NI-Resist or Aisi 304.
For maximum ease of use, the extruders can be assembled in either left or right side orientation.

Soaptec plodders can be supplied with automatic hydraulic lockings of the perforated die plate and conical head instead of the traditional rods.
The electrical control panel, fitted with push-buttons and inverters, is housed in a frame that supports stairs and a working platform. The components, such as the motor, are not produced internally, so clients can select their preferred brands.