Produttore di impianti di sapone


Bar soap finishing lines

The finishing line represents the last stage of soap processing. Through the use of cutting-edge machinery, the product is prepared to be put on the market.
Soaptec proposes industrial finishing lines, composed of a wide selection of machinery, able to complete all the steps that come before storage and sale of bar soap.
All the machines and lines designed and built by our company are made to perfectly meet the client’s needs. For this reason they are completely customized; for example, the customer can select the most suitable piece of machinery according to their production capacity, the type of soap they produce, and the soap shape.
Our company has also thought about the needs of artisanal producers and has dedicated the Artisan Finishing Line to them. This series of machines performs all the tasks of traditional equipment, but works on smaller volumes than an industrial production line.
Contact our team; our technicians will help you develop a perfectly customised finishing line.

Machinery —

Mixers —

Soaptec’s selection of mixers consists of the AM Series, with an open blade, and the DASM Series, with a double sigma blade.


Soaptec’s selection of refiners includes single worm and tangent twin worm machines, in both single and double stage (simplex and duplex) versions.

Roll mills—

Soaptec’s selection of three roll mill machines includes both mechanically and hydraulically adjustable gap rolls. These machines come in five different sizes.

Vacuum plodder —

Soaptec offers a wide selection of vacuum plodders that includes the single or double plodder version, and single, double or triple stage (simplex, duplex triplex) ones.

Cutters —

Soaptec selection of cutters consists of the EMC Series and the MBC Series, which can be chosen according to the quality and quantity of soap produced.

Stampers —

Soaptec offers the MFS Line, a series of cutting-edge vertical stampers built in different versions depending on the type and quantity of soap produced.

Other products —

Artisan finishing line —

Recognising the concrete need for a fully automatic production line, but on a smaller scale compared to industrial capacity, Soaptec has designed and produced a new series of machines called ‘Artisan’.

Flow pack—

A horizontal wrapping machine suitable for wrapping various products using only heat-sealable films designed to handle up to 400 pieces of soap per minute.

Pilot line —

The Pilot line is used to produce toilet soap samples up to 80 g or smaller soap bars for testing fragrances, additives, and for analysis. All machines are controlled separately.

Marbled and striped soap —

Soaptec offers different methods to produce marbled and striped soap: solid-liquid, solid-solid, and solid-solid-liquid system.