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SArtisan Series: artisanal bar soap production machinery



Recognising how small manufacturers need to have a fully automated production line, but on a smaller scale than industrial plants, Soaptec has come up with Artisan, a series of state-of-the-art machines designed for the production of small quantities of top-tier quality soap at a competitive cost.

The main features of Artisan machines are:

  • Simple and intuitive equipment and ease of maintenance
  • Ability to produce soap in any shape and size
  • Modular design for customised plant composition
  • Up to 500 kg/h production
  • Low budget

Ease of operation and quick maintenance —

In designing the Artisan line, Soaptec has used the same thought and care as in designing industrial units. This translates into great care for ergonomics, extreme ease of production changes and reduced maintenance requirements. The use of high quality electronic, pneumatic and circuit components enables us to build reliable and safe machines.

Ability to create tablets in every kind of shape and size —

The Artisan series includes machines that are built for small productions, but this doesn’t mean they can create only small-sized soap bars.

The DVs-200 is a plodder equipped with a 200mm diameter screw; this allows the extrusion of large bars, from which 200g toilet soap and laundry soap weighing up to 300g can be produced.

Modular design that allows for customised plant composition —

For the Artisan Series, Soaptec has created a modular design that allows for custom-made plants and finishing lines; this way, our products can perfectly meet the needs of each customer. By relying on the advice of our technicians, clients receive suggestions on how best to configure their Artisan finishing line.

Up to 500 Kg/h production—

After years of studies, Soaptec’s researchers have established that the best solution for artisan soap production is a plant with a production capacity of up to 500 kg/h. This figure responds both to the needs of all those producers who are entering this field for the first time, and of those soap factories that carry out dedicated and small-scale productions.

Low budget —

Soaptec’s artisanal machines are designed using modern computing softwares. Thanks to these tools, our company is able to design and produce complete production and finishing lines quickly and on a tight budget.

The machines of the Artisanal Series—

Amalgamators —

AM-100T: it’is an open sigma mixer that can be discharged via a tilting, motorised or manual device.

AM-100B: it’s an open sigma mixer that has a pneumatically operated bottom discharge unit.

Roll mills —

M-200: it’s a 3-roll mill provided with 700 mm long rolls. In the M-200 there are 2 milling systems using 3 rolls. The central one participates in both milling processes.

Refiners —

SRs-200: it’s a Simplex (single stage) refining plodder provided with a 200 mm diameter screw that has a length/diameter compression ratio of 3.

DRs-200: it’s a Duplex (two-stage) refining plodder provided with a 200 mm diameter screw that has a length/diameter compression ratio of 3.

Duplex vacuum plodders —

DVs-200: it’s a Duplex Vacuum plodder with one screw for each stage. The screws have a diameter of 200mm and their length to diameter ratio is 3.

Cutters —

MBC-P: it’s the latest generation of automatic single blade cutters. The extruded soap block is cut “on the fly” by a single blade operated by a pneumatic piston.

Stampers —

MFS-1: it’s a stamper specifically designed for the complex and difficult production requirements of artisan soap factories.