producer of soap plants


Soap production and finishing line plant designing


The Soaptec team is always available to create plants and machinery that meets all clients’ needs. Our custom-made equipment is created after in-depth discussions with customers, enabling technicians and engineers to fully understand their needs in order to design highly-personalised products.
Alternatively, we also produce plants and machinery based on clients’ designs. This option is perfect for companies that need new equipment for pre-existing plants.


All over the world installations


In addition to design and production, Soaptec also takes care of the installation and start-up of plants and machinery. The service, available at customer’s request, involves sending a team of engineers, technicians, and skilled workers on site who will scrupulously follow each phase of the activity. We can go anywhere in the world.
The service also includes training courses for the client’s staff to explain how the equipment works and how to carry out routine maintenance of the products.




One of the services offered by Soaptec is maintenance. We undertake routine and extraordinary maintenance of all types of equipment for the production of soap, detergents or oil refining. The service is available both for entire plants and for individual machines.
The maintenance service is not limited to our supply, but can also be requested for the improvement and revamping of existing installations. Simply send us your technical documentation and our team will assess the work to be carried out.
The service is active internationally. We are present in many different countries (Brazil, sub-Saharan Africa, Australia, etc.) and can respond to customers’ calls within hours by sending a dedicated technician.


Remote after-sale support

Most Soaptec equipment is provided with remote service devices that allow our technicians to access the control panel of the machinery over the Internet, wherever in the world it is installed.
This type of service is ideal to quickly diagnose issues and often resolve minor problems that may occur.


Spare parts

To ensure rapid intervention and reduce downtime caused by sudden breakdowns, Soaptec relies on top-tier international suppliers. Thanks to the work of the company’s outsourcing team, our local supply network is well-established, enabling us to find all kinds of spare parts in record time.
Our company also has an in-house warehouse from which we ship commercial spare parts all over the world.
Thanks to our company, buying spare parts for routine or extraordinary maintenance operations will no longer be a problem.