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TCutters for bar soap finishing line


Each finishing line is equipped with a system designed to cut the extruded soap into bars, from which the finished products will be obtained. Soaptec offers two series of cutters, the EMC and the MBC, suitable for different productions. The EMC and MBC are state-of-the-art, quiet machines that work with extreme precision and quickly in combination with engravers.

Both series of equipment are also characterised by the ease of operation and programming of the machines, thanks to an intuitive software and a touch screen control panel.

Maintenance of all components, in particular the blades, and the replacement of conveyor belts is also extremely simple.

Thanks to our technicians’ advice, customers can be sure that they are purchasing machinery that is fully in line with the requirements of their installations and that they are making the best possible investment, with an exceptional price-quality ratio. What’s more, all cutters are equipped with remote control devices, allowing our team to intervene quickly in the event of faults or malfunctions.

EMC Series Cutters

The EMC Series cutters are single-blade machines. Thanks to the special movement of paradromic cams and the use of state-of-the-art electronic elements, these machinery achieve a precise and orthogonal cut even at high speed.
The cutting unit consists of a 7.7 Nmt brushless motor at 3000 rpm, while the conveyor belt movement system consists of a 0.25 kW three-phase asynchronous motor driven by an inverter.

EMC cutters are produced in three different sizes:
– EMC, dedicated to toilet soap cutting
– EMC-L, dedicated to laundry soap cutting
– EMC-H, dedicated to hotel soap cutting.

All machines are available in single or double configuration, with center-line between the two bars of 450 mm.
One of the most appreciated features of the EMC is the possibility to regolate the guides, the engraving rolls and the encoder even while the machine is running. The cutter is also provided with an engraving system that offers the chance to engrave the soap on the horizontal and vertical sides, or all four sides.
The bases of the EMC soap cutters can be configured with left or right orientation, according to the operator’s preference.

MBC Series Cutters


Another series of innovative cutters Soaptec recommends installing is the MBC.
The cutting operation is simple: the blade, in a perpendicular position to the block of soap, makes a vertical movement that divides the bars of soap “on the fly”.

The result is a precise cut even at high speed.
The movement of the blade is controlled by a brushless motor.

The bars of product move on a conveyor belt, driven by a 0.25 kW geared motor connected to an inverter.
Modifications to the extrusion speed of the soap bar and the conveyor belt can be made while the machine is running.

The machine can be equipped with engraving rolls working on 2 or 4 sides. Thanks to automated control systems, which move the cut when necessary, the engraving is always perfectly centred and carried out in a synchronised manner on four sides.