producer of soap plants


Atomisers for bar soap production plants


The atomiser is the central part of the dryer, where the transformation of hot liquid soap into cold dry soap takes place.
To do this, the conditions inside the atomiser must be such that the soap can release excess moisture and its temperature can drop to the desired one.
Soaptec designs and manufactures the latest generation of atomisers, the result of years of research by our in-house team. The machinery is capable of exceptional performances and ensures the production of premium quality soap.

Our team offers tailor-made machinery, so that customers can purchase atomisers that are fully compatible with their needs.

In addition, all the machines fit on Soaptec drying plants as well as on dryers manufactured by other companies. Last but not least, our company offers on-site and remote installation, testing, and maintenance services.


How atomisers work


Liquid soap enters the atomiser through a tangential inlet to reduce the formation of dust and facilitate its separation.
The soap releases excess moisture and is brought to a temperature of equilibrium with the pressure inside the atomiser. Solidified, this soap falls onto the screws of the underlying plodder which extrudes it into the atmosphere (outside the plant).
A rotating scraper cleans the wall of the atomiser, thus avoiding soap build-up. The scraper shaft is equipped with a rotary seal.
The same shaft, in the lower part, carries the bridge breaker arm, designed to move the material that accumulates on the screws and to avoid the formation of a bridge that would prevent the correct feeding of the plodder.
The soap pressure at the inlet is regulated by a pneumatically operated modulating valve.
The roof of the atomiser is equipped with a sight glass with a wiper and lamp. Another sight glass is located in the lower part of the machine.
All parts in contact with the soap are made of AISI 304 stainless steel and the scraper blades of formica.