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Wrapping machinery for soap plants

The last stage in the processing of semi-finished soap is the packaging of the product. Soaptec has designed a machine that allows the soap to be packaged impeccably: the Flow Pack FP-150. This type of machine is a horizontal wrapping machine that can be used to wrap soap bars of any size and weight. Heat-sealing films are used for packaging.

Soaptec’s Flow Pack FP-150 is a PC controlled machine, in which all mechanical movements are driven by brushless units (electric axes). This powerful machine allows working quickly and efficiently: the packaging machine can pack 300 bars of soap per minute. If fed manually, however, the production capacity is around a hundred pieces per minute.


Flow Pack FP-150


The tension of the wrapping film is programmable and the machine is supplied with a predisposition for the connection of an ink or laser printer, and a centring photocell.
Longitudinal sealing is carried out by 3 pairs of rolls: hot, cold, and cold folder. The hot rolls open automatically when the machine stops.
The pressure of the rolls is adjustable. In addition, they open pneumatically and can be inclined.
Cross seal, on the other hand, is carried out by means of a rotary movement, with pairs of sealing resistors, and by cutting the pack using an adjustable blade.
All parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel, while the supporting structure is made of carbon steel.
To ensure the highest levels of safety, the machine is not only made of top quality materials, but is also built to international standards and in full compliance with regulations.
The machine is designed to allow maintenance and cleaning operations to be carried out quickly and safely. The upper shaft is controlled by a double spring. Temperatures are set from a control panel and regulated by PIDs.
The Soaptec team is available for specific consultations in order to recommend the best possible solutions for each company, according to the production capacity of the plant, its size, and the available budget. All flow packs are the result of the collaboration of engineers, technicians and skilled workers, and are produced in-house. The same professionals who create the products also take care of the installation and start-up of these machines and of complete finishing lines.