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Extruder for the production of marbled and striped soap


Soaptec also thinks of all those companies that wish to offer their customers soap bars with an original design, different from the classic solid-colour one. In particular, our company has developed a production line dedicated to marbled soap and one dedicated to striped soap.

Extruder for marbled soap—

There are several ways to obtain soap with a marbled effect. They differ in the state of the semi-finished product used.

Solid-Liquid System—

The solid-liquid marbled soap production system involves the injection of coloured liquid into the base soap from the Duplex Vacuum Plodder. The colour passes through the dosing unit, the drilled plate, and then the nozzles. The creation of the marbled effect is achieved through the movement of a rotor, which distributes the colour into the mixture.

Solid-Solid System–

The solid-solid marbled soap production system involves the extrusion of two coloured kind of soap from two independent machines. This system involves the combined use of a main extruder, usually a Duplex Vacuum Plodder, which produces the marbled soap base, and a co-extruder plodder, which creates coloured soap filaments. The two differently coloured types of soap meet inside the drilled plate positioned at the end of the T junction that joins the two lines. This T-piece is called the Co-Extruder System, inside of which we can find the tubes that keep the two types of soap separated. Inside the tubes one colour is extruded and outside the tubes the soap of a different colour is extruded. The result is a striped block of soap. The task of creating the marbled effect is carried out by a rotor, which with its circular movements mixes the soap, giving it a unique effect.

Solid-Solid-Liquid System —

The Solid-Solid-Liquid marbled soap production system is the most versatile of the three because, by combining the structure of the other two systems, it allows the creation of marbled soap in two different and separate ways. This allows companies to create marbled soap in the most varied and creative manner.

Extruder for striped soap—

After years of research, the Soaptec team has designed an extruder that creates uniquely designed soap bars.

This innovative semi-finished product production system allows the creation of soap bars with precise symmetrical sections, which when printed reveal a different striped pattern depending on the design of the various soap makers. Since several mixtures are used, it is possible to create soap bars with different fragrances for each section.

The machine is universally adaptable to Soaptec’s production lines or systems by other companies in the industry. In case of special requirements, our team is available to design customised machines with specific features and to carry out the processing required by the customer.

Our team is also available to travel around the world for installation, commissioning, and maintenance of the product.

The striped soap production system consists of two L-shaped plodders that simultaneously extrude soap bars of different colours. The different kinds of soap pass through a single nose cone, which consists of a T connection and a former. The T connection is the most important external element of the nose cone because it allows the correct coupling of the two plodders and directs the passage of the soap inside the former. The function of this last element is to create the design, which will only be revealed when the product is cut into soap bars. The colour distinction is so well defined that it is even possible to add text.

To create different designs, different formers must be used. Soaptec can supply custom components.

To ensure durability and reliability, all parts of the machine that are in contact with the soap are made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
To facilitate the soap flow, the T joint is equipped with a diathermic oil heating jacket, an electrical resistance, and a thermostat.
The nose cone is supplied with a die plate, electric resistance, thermostat and all necessary fittings.