Producer of soap plants


Bar soap production saponification plants

Saponification is the name given to all those processes that transform raw materials into liquid soap, which is also called “neat soap”.
The raw materials can be neutral fats, fatty acids or combinations of the two.

The saponification of neutral fats (triglycerides) also produces glycerine. Depending on the type of product to be created, this substance is either extracted or left in the mixture. The process that extracts the glycerine is called ‘Full Boiled’, while the process that leaves it inside is called ‘Half Boiled’.


Batch and continuous saponification

The process leading to saponification, whether you follow a Full Boiled or Half Boiled process, can be of two types: “batch”, in which you work in batches and produce a fixed quantity of soap at a time, or “continuous”.

The batch process consists of loading raw materials and processing them until the desired product is obtained. For the Half Boiled version, we use Crutchers, vertical liquid mixers that ensure contact between the reactants (raw materials) until the reaction is complete. For the Full Boiled version, a saponification boiler is normally used. Raw materials can also be roughly loaded as the nature of the process is such that corrections can also be made during processing.

The continuous process, on the other hand, does not allow dosing errors and it is therefore important to rely on a plant with well designed dosing units.

Dosing units fall into two main categories:

  • centrifugal dosing pump + mass flowmeter + proportioning pump
  • volumetric dosing pump + mass flowmeter + variable speed drive

In both cases, the amount of material needed is measured using a “mass flowmeter”, an instrument which, taking advantage of the Coriolis effect, can detect the amount of material dosed (in kg/h) and also its specific density and temperature. The mass flowmeter is the ideal instrument to carry out this task as it measures mass (kg), so that the mass balances calculated for production do not need “translation” of units of measurement.

Soaptec designs and manufactures complete saponification plants for the production of bar soap. Consisting of the latest generation of machinery, which have been created after years of study and large investments in the sector, our plants are the best both in terms of performance and value for money.
In addition to the creation of the plants, our team also takes care of the installation and maintenance of the machines on site, travelling all over the world.