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Washing column for bar soap production plants


The washing column is a mechanically agitated counter-current extractor with a series of stator rings fixed inside the vertical shell and a vertical shaft with rotating disks. This machinery is used to remove all soap impurities that are soluble in the washing lye and recover the glycerine released during the saponification reaction.

Soaptec offers an innovative and high-efficiency washing column, with features developed directly in the field and then manufactured internally by our team of engineers and specialized technicians: the Rotating Disk Contactor Washing column. What makes our machinery unique is its functioning: the washing occurs through the counter-current soap flow coming from the saponification.

The soap to be washed enters the washing column through a pouring nozzle on the bottom of the machine. The inlet point for the washing lyes is located at the top.

The soap is washed by near contact due to the counter-current passage of the washing lyes inside the soap itself, pushed by the rotation of the discs fixed to the shaft of the washing column.
The interface level between soap and lye is constantly and automatically controlled by the instrumentation mounted on the machine, but it is also possible to carry out a visual control through sight glasses located in the bottom area of the washing column.
Washed soap exits the top of the column through a special mechanism that ensures a controlled flow.
Soaptec designs and manufactures washing columns for bar soap production plants. Our company’s collaboration with the customer can take place through commissioning of complete plants or supplying of washing columns for pre-existing plants. Our staff produces highly customised products, which are perfectly adapted to the client’s directives and needs.


Characteristics and technical specifications


All Soaptec washing columns are manufactured to ASME Sec. VIII, Div. 1 standards. At the customer’s request, the equipment can be certified to the same standards.

All the components of the washing column are designed to guarantee reliability, durability and strength. Examples of this are the rotor driven by a Rossi gearbox with load capacity verified in compliance with UNI, DIN, AFNOR, AGMA, and ISO standards and equipped with an inverter connected to the control panel, and the instruments and valves chosen from the most reliable manufacturers on the European market, such as Endress + Hauser and Spirax Sarco.

All parts of the washing column in contact with the soap are made of AISI 316 stainless steel, while the jacket is made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

The powerful rotor is installed on the central axis of the machine and is supported by a radially adjustable bushing mounted on a spider. It is easily accessible for inspection and maintenance.