It protects not only the downstream machines but soap’s ultimate consumer as well
Soaptec proposes basket soap filters for horizontal installation
Cleaning is done by opening the hinged cover and extracting the basket from the body
It is good practice to install two filters, one in operation and another in stand by
The filter is also very important in raw materials handling. It stops eventual impurities present in raw materials from contaminating downstream machines or soap
Soaptec’s soap filters are installed horizontally and are fitted with a support to avoid tensions on the piping
Body and basket built in stainless steel AISI 316, heating jacket in stainless steel AISI 304.
Inlet and outlet flanges for both soap and steam are usually built following UNI standards
Another useful thing is to install two pressure gauges for each filter: one before and one after. An increase in pressure drop will tell you when is time to clean the filter
Soaptec proposes vertical basket filters for raw materials filtration
An installation of two filters will avoid stopping the plant for cleaning
Project pressure soap side 4 bar.
Project pressure jacket 1 bar.
Filtration degree 0,8 mm.