Soaptec technicians can assist in any endeavor one might be undertaking related to soap, detergents or oil production, starting from the application of single machine to the project management of a complete new “greenfield” investment.

This assistance is not limited to our supply but can also be used for improvement and revamping of existent installations.


Most of our equipment is fitted with devices that allow for so called “remote assistance” where we can access the equipment over the internet any where on the planet. This allows to quickly diagnose and often fix minor issues that client might be experiencing.

We are also continuously present in different parts of the world (Brasil, Sub-Saharan Africa, etc) and there we can answer to clients’ call in matter of hours, by sending a dedicated technician.


Our policy is to use first-class international suppliers of commercial spares (bearings, fittings, guides and such) to facilitate local provisioning and shorten the down time caused by their eventual failure.

In any case, for all spares, commercial and proprietary, our spares department will supply necessary spares in briefest possible time.