EMC is the latest generation soap cutter operating with a single blade

Paradromic cam movements and dedicated electronics are employed to grant smooth and silent operation and a precise and orthogonal cut even at high speeds
Cutting group is composed by a brushless motor of 7,7 Nmt at 3000 rpm, while the belt conveyor drive is composed by an asynchrony three-phase 0,25 kW motor driven by inverter
EMC Cutters are produced in three different sizes:
EMC dedicated to the toilet soap cutting
EMC-L dedicated to the laundry soap cutting
EMC-H dedicated to the hotel soap cutting
All machines are available in Single or Double configuration with centre-line between the two bars of 450 mm
EMC cutters can be configured with right or left orientation for operator
Main accessory of EMC cutters is Engraving rolls group on two horizontal sides two vertical ones or on four sides
Customized electronics, allow the operator to control all parameters through the Touch screen device
Programming and software are simple and intuitive. Soaptec EMC cutters are compatible for the distance remote control, through the internet
Belt conveyor and worktop are one single unit. Belt is locked with 6 screws and is easy to remove from the frame for an eventual replacement of the belt
An appreciated performance of the EMC cutters is the possibility of doing all regulations regarding soap bar from hand wheels and regulating groups located outside during operation
Cutting blade movement is obtained through a brushless motor coupled to a precision reducer and a cams group dedicated to the type of application
The cover of the EMC cutter, locked with 4 screws on the conveyor belt, is also the support of the auxiliary groups, such as encoder, inlet and outlet rolls, pusher roll and guides
EMC cutters are designed to operate with Engraving rolls. Cutting synchronisation with the
engraving is obtained through dedicated electronics

Depending on the type of soap and the production you are planning to make, Soaptec has different Cutter proposals