Designed to obtain rapid and complete saponification of neutral fats and/or fatty acids or a combination of both
In half-boiled saponification the process is auto-supported: there’s no need for heating except to start the reaction
Full boiled process requires a more diluted content since it has to arise, hence the need of elevated heating
Soaptec Saponification Reactor is vertically developed which translates into a very small emcumbrance
It is internally divided in four sections to ensure the proper agitation of the soap
Control panel equipped with SCADA system
All parameters of the process (temperature, pressure and flow) can be controlled
Raw materials can be dosed through flowmeters or dosing pumps
All parts in contact with soap are manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel
Jacket in 304 stainless steel.
Skirt in painted carbon steel.
Internal mixing is ensured by the action of the
recirculation pump located close to the reactor
Equipped with steam heating coils, suitable to saponify in the higher pressure and temperature conditions
Flanges are UNI standards, but can be built according to other standards
Highest quality driven tools (Endress+Hauser) and valves (Spirax Sarco) guaranteed
Provided with all connections to the process