Valid for fatty acids neutralisation and/or for neutral fats continuous saponification
Its small internal volume, which allows much flexibility regarding soap formulation changeover
provided with a special internal agitator for a strong mixing imposing an upwards flow to the processed material
Raw materials are homogenized inside an intensive mixer placed before the reactor column.
Complete saponification comes inside the RC where raw materials wait for reaction.
Control panel is provided with an inverter to vary the agitator r.p.m.
Agitator rating driven by ‘Rossi’gearbox with load capacity verified according to UNI, DIN, AFNOR, AGMA and ISO standards.
Soaptec supplies reactor columns manufactured and, on request, certified according to standards ASME, SECTION VIII, DIVISION 1.
All parts in contact with the soap are built in AISI316, jacket in AISI304.
Soap composition control is performed by PH-meter or differential pressure controller
Recycle pump is a high volumetric capacity lobe pump
Recycle loop guarantees an intensive mixing and the saponification –  neutralization reaction
High quality “E+H” instruments and “Samson” operated valves. PH-meters can be “Endress+Hauser” or “MetlerToledo” or equivalent reliable brand.
Provided with all connections to the process