Valid in both fatty acids or neutral fats saponification in the half-boiled batch process
Used for additives feeding, colouring laundry soap and detergent soap base preparation
is provided with a vertical mixing screw placed inside a draft tube that assures a strong mixing
material draught into the draft tube from the bottom and expels it out through the top of the tube
It is possible to place the Crutcher in load cells for raw materials direct dosing
Crutcher controls can be included in a general control panel
The screw is driven by a
gearbox with load capacity
The screw is centred at the bottom through a bushing easily accessible by disassembling its support
Manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel
Under requirement Soaptec also builds them in AISI 304 with AISI 316 or completely in Carbon steel
Bottom of the screw is fitted with a blade for scrapping the deposited material off
Rotational screw speed can be variated by inverter
Soap seal assured by a double mechanical
or stuffing seal
Connection nozzles, inspection door and sight glass with lamp and wiper are foreseen on Crutcher’s cover.
Provided with all connections to the process
Flanges are UNI standards, but can be built according to other standards