transporting soap pellets produced by the Dryer to the finishing lines feeding silos

Soap pellets are pushed by the air-flow-generator-blower located at the beginning of the pneumatic transport

The feed hopper is built in AISI 304 stainless steel with a manual lock gate upon a rotary valve. All assembled on a single chase
Diverting valves, usually controlled by pneumatic actuators, permit to divert the pellets flow to different stocking silos
On the top of every silo there is a centrifugal dust separator where pellets are separated from air, and discharged
Electrical control panel can be fitted with a synoptic panel or scada system
A flow indicator installed on pneumatic transport delivery pipe permits to visually control the material incoming from the extruder and the transported pellets
Air discharge pipes are fitted with butterfly valves controlled by pneumatic actuator to regulate the air flow
Discharge air is filtered by a bag filter which stops the soap fines gathered at the bottom of the filter
For avoiding pipes obstruction the transport air flow should be cooled using the cold-water-exchanger.