Flow Pack FP-150 uses all types of heat-seatable films. Is apt to continuously handle 180 pieces per minute of soap
In case of manual charge, the efficiency of the machine is linked to the ability of the operator, the average is 90 pcs
It is a PC controlled machine where all the mechanical movements are driven by Brushless units
Machine features sturdy welded carbon steel construction in counterlever style thus allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance
Maximum dimensions film roll: Diameter 350 mm – Width 500 mm – Core diameter 76 mm – Installed Power 3kW
Rolls pressure is adjustable, rolls can be inclined and they are opened pneumatically
Cross seal is done by a rotary movement using an easily settable cutting blade
Temperatures are set from a control panel and regulated by appropriate PID’s
Film tension is programmable and there is a provision for a printer and centering photo cell
Longitudinal weld is performed by 3 pairs of rolls: cold, hot and cold folder. Hot pair opens automatically on machine stop
Upper shaft is controlled by a double spring
Welding jaws width is 150 mm. Jaws are equipped with safety clutch with auto-repositioning