Soaptec produces Mechanical Three Roll Mills type in five different sizes for different production needs
The operator interface is a simple push button panel for controlling all functions of the machine
Power distribution given by a single motor, allows each roll to absorb the power needed
Gap regulation obtained by a mechanical system based on centric flanges driven by a worm wheel set
Pressurized cooling liquid is pumped in each roll through the rotary coupling
External surface of the roll is a welded on layer of martensitic stainless steel, hardened to 50HRC, and grinded to 0,4 roughness
The gap between rolls is adjusted by means of a hand-wheel. Each turn corresponds to a 1/100 mm opening. It is possible to vary the gap with the machine in operation
Temperature is controlled on each roll by means of modulating valves
Roll Mill’s main optional are flaking rolls, fitted on hydraulic pistons for a fast engagement/disengagement