In this particular Roll Mill the gap between rolls is regulated by means of an hydraulic system
Rolls are supported by hinged flanges connected together by hydraulics on one side and to the frame on the other
Rolls get closed into each other by means of hydraulic cylinders. Hydraulic system also controls side seals, scrappers and flaking rolls
The hydraulical Soaptec Three Roll Mills series M are equiped with a conveyor, placed under the rolls, for the collection of soap generally refused by the Mill. This conveyor let the Three Roll Mill to be always clean
The operator interface is a simple push button panel for controlling all functions of the machine
The gap between rolls is adjusted by means of a hand-wheel. Each turn corresponds to a 1/100 mm opening. It is possible to vary the gap with the machine in operation.
External surface of the roll is a welded on layer of martensitic stainless steel, hardened to 50HRC, and grinded to 0,4 roughness
Power distribution given by a single motor, allows each roll to absorb the power needed. The conveyor placed under the three rolls, collects the soap refused by the three roll mill
The roll closure is given by an hydraulical system which allow to change the force to make on the soap by each couple of rolls
Pressurized cooling liquid is pumped in each roll through the rotary coupling. Temperature is controlled on each roll by means of modulating valves
Roll Mill’s main optional are flaking rolls, fitted on hydraulic pistons for a fast engagement/disengagement