This line has been designed on two different versions:
PILOT line: used to produce samples of toilet soap until 80 gr.
LABORATORY line: used to produce smaller soaps for testing scents, additives and analysis
Both lines can be composed of the following machines mounted on a work bench:
Open-sigma blades mixer to process till 10 kg. of soap noodles per batch or an amalgamator (for the laboratory line) to process till 5 kg. of soap. The maximum installed power is 0.55 kW
Duplex Vacuum Plodder with two screws or a simplex refiner plodder with one screw (for the laboratory line). They are equipped with drilled plate and extrusion cone so they can produce both soap pellets and soap bars. The speed of these machines is governed by a RPM knob and the temperature of the extrusion cone can be regulated and monitored by acting on push buttons. The maximum installed power is 1.5 kW.
All machines are separately driven and all the main parameters such as temperatures and working pressures are monitored by a set of instruments on a main display panel. This set up allows the production of high quality soap tablets
Water cooled Three Roll Mill with inlet and outlet temperatures control. Soap film thickness can be adjusted and it’s removed by a flaker knife. To increase homogeneity of the soap, is also possible to pass it through the roll mill more than once. The maximum installed power is 1.1 kW
Manual blade cutter: The soap bar can be cut into billets of the required length using the manual blade cutter. The desired length can be set on a graduated scale
Semi-automatic hydraulic press SP-1000P can stamp any used size of soap. It is equipped with a cooled die complete with a movable insert and 2 rows of numbers for marking the samples. Ejector can be moved independently and the die change procedure is easy and fast. The installed power is 0.75 kW
These lines can be also equipped with instrumentation package for close control and monitoring of working parameters
All the parts in touch with the product are made of AISI 304 stainless steel