There are different systems to produce marbled or stripped soap

Some versatile components are needed in order to obtain soap with different colours and drawings

It consists of one or two coloured liquid injection into the base soap coming from the duplex vacuum plodder

Consisting in the injection of coloured soap inside soap base coming from the Duplex Vacuum Plodder


Consisting in the injection of coloured liquid and/or soap into the soap base coming from Duplex Vacuum Plodder

Coloured liquid injection goes forward inside colour dosing group, drilled plate and nozzles
The color distribution and so the marbled drawing on the soap is obtained by the rotor which can be driven by the duplex vacuum plodder screw or by its own drive group
Soap base and coloured soap come in contact inside the drilled plate placed after the tubes system causing the stripped drawing on the soap
Marbled drawing is obtained using a rotor driven by Duplex Vacuum Plodder screw or by its own drive group
System is the combination of solid-liquid and solid-solid systems
It is the most versatile device, since it allows the colour addition to the base soap with coloured liquids, coloured soap or both varying soap drawing


By observing extrusion technologies used in electric cables industry Soaptec has created an extrusion system for stripped soap production
This innovative and advanced technology permits to extrude the soap by designing sections on it
The system consist in two plodders, L positioned, which extrude two different coloured soaps inside the same nose cone
Former is the principal element inside the extrusion nose cone. Its function is to shape the design of soap bar section
To facilitate soap flow T joint is provided with a diathermical oil heating jacket, an electric resistance and a thermostat
After some technical verifications and information-sharing with client is possible to apply the extrusion nose cone in old plodders. This technology can also be used for producing two perfume soap
T connection is the most important outside element of the nose cone because it permits the correct coupling of the two plodders that will allow the two coloured soap transport towards the former
Former permits a so well defined distinction between different colours that a small text can be engraved on soap bars
Nose cone is supplied with die plate, die plate holder, electric resistance, thermostat and all
necessary fittings
By means of the former a piece of soap with A perfume is carried to the central part of the bar, and a B perfumed piece of soap is carried at the same time to the outside part of the bar