The universal use of vacuum spray drying is due to unequalled versatility and flexibility in handling a large variety of products
The soap scraped off the internal walls of the Atomizer, falls onto the screws of the plodder underneath and is extruded in form of pellets or continuous bar
Supplied with scrapers on the cone cylinder and ceiling 
Mechanical seals are installed on both ,soap and vacuum sides. On request they can be replaced with gland packing
Soaptec Atomizer is manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel or, on request, in AISI 316 stainless steel for parts in contact with product
Two sight glasses with wiper and lamp are fitted on the top
Vacuum Spray Drying consists in spraying liquid soap into the Atomizer: temperature combinated with pressure will evaporate excess moisture and cool the soap
Supplied with three different nozzles, two sight glasses, inspection door on the bottom, door on the connection with dust separators, alarm probe and mechanical seals 
A bridge breaker arm is installed at the bottom of the atomizer filter
Scrapers are manufactured in “formica”, spring loaded and adjustable so to account for normal wear
A big door placed on the connection duct to the underneath plodder allows an easy internal inspection
A third side glass is located on the bottom of the Atomizer