An equipment installed in the drying plant under vacuum and is used to separate and eliminate preformed vapors inside the Heat Exchanger
It reduces the load on the vacuum system and produces a significant amount of clean steam that can be used for other purposes
The new drying plants under vacuum with a Soap Vapours Separator allow to reuse all separate steam having a higher overall efficiency
Soap Vapours Separator can be installed in existing drying plants, reducing the load on the vacuum system and increasing productivity
This machine is normally included by default in the Green Dryer layout
Main characteristics of this system are high energy savings and environment-friendly performance
To check the pressure is used a modulating valve. To check the level is used a positive displacement pump directly assembled under the equipment
Soaptec normally provides Soap Vapors Separator built to ASME Section VIII Division 1
Separated vapors can be used as motive steams to the booster or for raw materials heating purposes
In the system it is important to check the internal pressure of the equipment and the level of soap internal to the equipment
In the case of insertion of Soap Vapors Separator in an existing drying plant under vacuum, Soaptec suggests the completion of the system with the positive displacement pump and with the electrical panel