Is used as a buffer for neat soap after saponification and before its pumping through heat exchanger into the atomizer
Is built in AISI 304 stainless steel and has always heating jacket heated by means of steam or hot water
Security valve prevents eventual soap tank implosions that can
hurt people and machinery
It can be equipped with it’s own legs or with supports for installation on a platform
Soaptec’s Soap tanks are usually built in measures that permit
container transport
It can be fitted with a gearbox driven agitator so to keep the liquid soap in continuous and slow movement
Inlet and outlet flanges for both soap and steam are usually built according to UNI standards . On request they can also be built according ANSI standards
The cover, bolted on the top, has a wide inspection door
The bottom of the soap tank can be built conical or torospherical
A safety pressure relieve valve will be installed in order to avoid steam overheating