There are three types of cyclone-type soap fines separators:
Dual Cyclone

Two cyclones connected in series is the default system for most small and middle dryers

Suggested for large capacity dryers due to its proved higher separation efficiency
Single Cyclone
The latest development is the application of a single cyclone in combination with a wet scrubber downstream
Fines Separators separate soap fines from vapors produced during drying
Between the fines drum and the cyclone, Soaptec installs a throttle valve which allows to remove the drum without stopping the installation
A careful choice of separators geometry, their diameter and speed of vapors movement permit centrifugal separation of soap fines from vapors and uncondensables traveling on
Fines separators are integrally built in AISI 304 stainless steel, but, on request they could be supplied in painted carbon steel
They can be fitted with fines collection drums that are emptied by operator during plant shut downs
Alternatively they can be fitted with fines extruders or conveyors for soap recuperation while the plant is running
Double separators are mostly used in toilet soap production: fines which escape the first separator are catched by the second one
Single fines separator is usually used in laundry soap production plants
We recommend to trace and insulate the separators especially in colder climates