It has been designed for cooling and solidification of liquid soap
It can produce chilled soap flakes at a temperature of 38-40°C from a liquid soap at 80-90°C
Soap produced this way has no dry specs because of very limited drying involved
Soaptec cylinders have a unique cooling circuit which allows the best cooling operation
The frame of the machine provides for support to two counter-rotating, stainless steel chilled drums of equal diameter
Cold water is conveyed through in a spiral pattern all around the inner surface of the drum, to grant an uniform heat distribution
Cylinder Cooler can be equipped with a conveyor belt positioned below the two cylinders, which collects the scraped soap and convey it towards a Duplex Vacuum Plodder
Stainless steel hopper is provided to receive the liquid soap and to feed it to the drums which work at approx. 0.5mm between them
Two special scraping blades with adjustable pressure are provided to remove the soap film from the cylinders
The film, in the shape of beads falls down on belt conveyor and feed the duplex vacuum plodder to extrude the soap bar
Cylinders made of stainless steel AISI 304, dynamically balanced, with cavity and coil for cooling