20 years turning our experience into the best solutions for your soap business

Soaptec is an Italian third millennium company specialized in soap making plants and equipment with over 60 years of experience in the field accumulated by our staff.

This privileged position allows us to design and produce soap making machines and plants of exceptional reliability, functionality and flexibility.

Ours is a tailor made product that suits our customer’s precise purpose fulfilling their requirements with minimum expenses.

A great care of detail and sturdness of construction will assure many years of trouble free production and it guarantees that the value of equipment persists in time.



Saponification plant

Saponification transforms raw materials of choice into liquid soap. Soaptec offers a wide choice of processes to fully accomodate any possible requirement. Soaptec can also provide consulting and revamping of local plants.

Dryer plant

The dryer plant is used for continuous drying of the laundry and/or toilet base soap in different stages. Soaptec proposes different kind of dryer plants and offers consulting and supply for revamping of existing plant

Pneumatic Transport

Pneumatic conveyors are used to transport soap cylinder pellets from dryer plant to storage silos. These silos are used to continuously feed the finishing lines or the packaging machines for packed pellets production. Soaptec offer pneumatic conveyors by pressure or by suction with one or more withdrawing points depending on your needs.

Finishing Line

Bar soap finishing consists of mixing the main base with minor liquid and solid in-gredients, followed by refining the fully formulated mixture into a uniform, homogeneous product, extruding into a continuous slug (billet) form, cutting into individual length slugs, and stamping into a final predetermined weight and shape bar (tablet) ready for packaging.”


Detergent powder

Detergent powder production is an interesting and relatively simple process developed in three major steps: Slurry production, Spray Drying and Post Addition. Every single one of those steps includes sub-steps and auxiliary systems.

Liquid detergent

Liquid detergent technology allows the production of different kind of liquid detergents for many different applications for household and personal care; such as : dish washing, house cleaning, laundry washing.


Physical refining

Refining of vegetable oils is essential to ensure removal of gums, waxes, phosphatides and free fatty acid (FFA) from the oil; to impart uniform color by removal of coloring pigments and to get rid of unpleasant smell from the oil by removal of odiferous matter.


Palm oil fractionation goes through the control of palm oil cooling and crystallization to make separation of palm oil into low melting point liquid (olein) and high melting solid (stearin). This process can be divided into three fractions: stearin (palmstearine), soft fat (palmolein) and middle section (palmmidfraction).